VA Online Kayak Bass Tournament


VA Online Kayak Bass Tournament

We are kicking off our new 2016 tournament series in April, with the first of seven monthly events. We will be using the TourneyX tournament management software. If you are not familiar with TourneyX, please go create an account and check out the tournaments that are live now to get a good feel for it.

We had a great turn out last year and hope to keep growing. With the help of our sponsors, we were able to payout over $600 in cash and prizes in both our tournaments last year. We are looking to gain a lot more great sponsors this year so stay tuned for an updated sponsors list.

If you are interested in fishing any of these events make sure you read below for more information on rules, regulations, and how to sign up.


**REGISTRATION IS OPEN, MAKE SURE YOU READ THIS WHOLE PAGE INCLUDING THE RULES AND SEND THE LIABILITY FORM RIGHT AFTER SENDING PAYMENT. MUST USE IDENTIFIER CARD (identifier card will be releases the last week in the month before the tournament starts) AND THE IDENTIFIER CODE (code will be released the night before the tournament start date, and code may change at any given time so please keep checking your emails for new code.) Please ask questions. Don’t hesitate**

You can fish this event along with any other kayak fishing tournament as long as the rules in the other tournament allow. is hosting another online tournament, using the live CPR scoring system. Registration closes the night before the tournament! Get in now before it closes!

Entry Fee: $25; Big Fish; $10 (Optional) — 80% payout. (20% goes to expenses.)

To make payment, go to and create an angler login. Login, then click on the “Register for tournament” box. Select the option for the tournament you want to join in the drop down box. Check the checkbox next to Tournament Fees, Tournament Rules and TourneyX terms. Then click Register. Now click Proceed To Check Out. It will bring up the Paypal webpage. Login to your Paypal and send the money. To enter the optional big bass pot, send another PayPal payment of $10 to

Click on these links to go to that specific page on TourneyX and get signed up.

APRIL 1st 12:00AM – MAY 1st 12:00 AM
MAY 1st 12:00AM – JUNE 1st 12:00 AM see VKBC Event
JUNE 1st 12:00AM – JULY 1st 12:00 AM
JULY 1st 12:00AM – AUGUST 1st 12:00 AM
AUGUST 1st 12:00AM – SEPT. 1st 12:00 AM see VKBC Event
SEPT. 1st 12:00AM – OCTOBER 1st 12:00 AM
OCTOBER 1st 12:00AM – NOVEMBER 1st 12:00 AM

Rules: Online Tournament Rules

Liability Form: Every participant needs to complete a liability waiver form. I will use to email you the form once I receive payment. You can use to electronically sign the form and it will notify me that it was completed.

Location: Anywhere in Virginia.

Event: Month Long Online Bass Fishing Tournament hosted by

If you enter, create a account with and join the tournament. That is where you’re photos will be submitted and you can track the event live. Any questions about this, please feel free to email me at any time.

Payout: 1 place will be paid out for every 7 anglers that join. (80% Payout, the 20% goes to shipping prizes.) Checks and prizes will be mailed to winners within a week of the end of the tournament.

1-6 anglers=1 payout

7-13 anglers=2 payouts


If you have any questions contact me at