May Online State Challenge Results


This month was big for all the states. There was a lot of big fish submitted and there were a lot of close standings.

I want to thank everyone who entered this event. Without you all, this wouldn’t exist. I want to give a shout out to Hoo-Rag, for supplying all the winners with a Hoo-Rag of their choice. If you receive a Hoo-Rag, please post pictures on your social media account and tag them and Kayak Tournament.


Also, the June event has already started, but there is still time to sign up. You can find links to each states event HERE.

The results are finalized. Here it goes! June Results

North Carolina Results

Full Results

1st place Joey Sullivan 114.00 inches $287
2nd place Henry Veggian 108.00 inches $159
3rd place Bob Dainton 105.25 inches $95
4th place Matthew Dunn 101.25 inches $57
5th place Drew Blair 101.00 inches $38
Big Bass Henry Veggian 23.75 inches $170

Virginia Results

Full Results

1st place Steve Bishop 101.00 inches $366
2nd place Robert Clements 100.75 inches $203
3rd place Jody Queen 99.50 inches $122
4th place Micah Marbra 99.00 inches $73
5th place John Carroll 98.75 inches $48
Big Bass Robert Clements 22.25 inches $180

Tennessee Results

Full Results

1st place Johnny Nichols 101.75 inches $143
2nd place David Wall 101.00 inches $85
3rd place Robert Barnett 100.00 inches $57
Big Bass Ashley Ault 22.50 inches $50

*David Wall did not enter the big bass pot so his 24 incher will not give him the extra paycheck.

South Carolina Results

Full Results

1st place Joseph Gayton 105.75inches $118
2nd place Lee Ward 99.50inches $79
Big Bass Joseph Gayton 22.25 inches $30