How to get your identifier card and code on TourneyX


We are doing it the identifier code a little different now. TourneyX has a built in, unique code for each angler in a tournament. The judge can view this code when verifying fish. Once the tournament starts, the identifier card and code will be available to you. Follow these steps to get them.

Step 1

Go to “My Dashboard” and click on the “View Identifiers”.

Step 2

You will see your 4 digit identifier code in the blue box.

Step 3

Now click on the blue box.

Step 4

This is the identifier.

Step 5

Right click anywhere on the image, and then click “Save image as..”.

Now open the image where you saved it to, and print. Write your code on in the gray box at the bottom. I advise printing out multiple cards with your code and keep them in separate places in your kayak or on your person. If you lose one identifier, you will still have a backup.