Fishing For The Future Tournament


Fishing For The Future

Who Are We?
Fishing for the Future is an up and coming organization focused on preserving and enjoying the great outdoors and the James River in Richmond Virginia. Their mission is to host a fishing competition at a location along the James River to raise money for the James River Association and help maintain the rivers beauty.

Rules and Regulations:
Entry Cost: Adults – 10$ , Children under 14 – 5$

Catch and Release Fishing Only
No power boats will be allowed to participate
One person kayaks and canoes are allowed but will not be provided
Winner will decided by total length/size of fish caught
This will be a kayak/canoe fishing tournament

First Place Winner: 100$ Bass Pro Gift Card
Second Place Winner: 50$ Bass Pro Gift Card
Third Place Winner: 25$ Bass Pro Gift Card

Time and Date:
Time: 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm
Date: Saturday OCTOBER 1st!!

Where: The Starting Point will be Powhatan State Park and the finish line will be the Maidens Boat Ramp