DIY Scupper Plugs


Here is a cheap and easy way to keep water from splashing in your kayak through your scupper holes and getting your butt wet.

This is a what you need to make the DIY scupper plugs:

  • Rubber stoppers (Home Depot). The cost is around $1 a piece.
  • A little bit of paracord or other nylon cordage.
  • Small washers to keep the knot from sliding though the hole in the rubber stoppers.
  • You will also need a drill to drill a hole through the middle of the rubber stoppers, a 1/16 drill bit and a drill bit slightly larger than your cord.

The rubber stoppers I linked to are 5/8 inch in width, make sure and check to make sure your scuppers holes are about that size to make sure they will fit fairly snug. It is recommended drilling a pilot hole with a 1/16 inch bit. Then drill a hole a little bit bigger then the size cord you are using. After threading the cord through the stopper,place the metal washer on the bottom of the plug. Tie knots in the cord on both ends and melt the ends with a lighter to keep from fraying.

Thanks to Brandon Stoner for this idea.

If you have any DIY Kayak Rigging ideas that you would like to share, please email me with your ideas.