ConnectScale Review


ConnectScale is a great item to have in your boat if you like to keep logs of your catches. This app will log any information you want about each of your catches. The log will help you out in the years to come. That information in invaluable. No one can remember what you caught every fish on at every body of water, every year.
Also, the ConnectScale has the ability to keep track of your 5 biggest fish, and cull your smaller fish. It’s a great thing for you power boat tournament guys too.

On Wednesday, November 4, 2015, ConnectScale, LLC, a family-owned fishing analytics and product development firm, announced the arrival of its innovative smart fishing scale, ConnectScale, a product that combines Bluetooth 4.0 wireless technology and a mobile application to digitally weigh and record catch data.

The ConnectScale system was initially announced earlier this year when the company unveiled the prototype for the world’s first digital scale and fishing log app at this year’s ICAST/IFTD Trade show in Orlando, Florida. After months of development, the final product is ready for purchase.

Founder Ben Arnold, an MBA graduate of the University of Tennessee with over 10 years of experience in developing and designing mobile apps and IT demos, said, “I’m excited to provide an innovative product that both professional and recreational anglers alike can use to capture catch data that will ultimately improve their fishing results.”

Using ConnectScale, anglers are able to weigh their catch using the 55-pound limit, water resistant scale which automatically transmits the weight and air temperature data to the mobile app. The data is then combined with date, time, and GPS location of thecatch through the app which creates an entry in a catch log in which anglers can add lure type used, species caught, and a photo of the catch.

Cloud based storage lets users access their ConnectScale data from any device, allowing anglers to identify patterns and share stories and photos on social media.

Arnold gave an example of how it works. “After reeling in a catch, an angler places the fish on ConnectScale’s oversized hook. The handheld scale captures the weight in pounds, kilograms, or ounces on the LCD backlit display and automatically transfers the data as a new entry in the catch log on his mobile device.”

This data provides insights for anglers. “Like most analytics-based applications, tracking data over time begins to reveal what works and what doesn’t work,” Arnold explained. “Anglers will be able to observe the trends, habits, locations, and settings that best optimize their fishing performance using ConnectScale.”

The usefulness of ConnectScale is not limited to just individual anglers. Several companies are looking to integrate both the hardware and the software of ConnectScale as assets into their operations.

ConnectScale currently has a software development kit (SDK) available and is working with strategic partners to implement the hardware into other apps. Arnold has received interest from several companies for potential partnerships. He is currently working with global conservation groups that are interested in integrating the scale into their processes. The goal is to help small scale fisheries throughout the world by simplifying and automating the process of collecting big data that is used to help manage fisheries.

Arnold plans for ConnectScale to do for the fishing and fishery management industries what Fitbit did for the personal exercise industry and Evernote did for notebook users. He believes the technology will bring efficiency to something that many would normally use paper and pencil for.

In the next few months, ConnectScale expects to add features to the brand such as an application programmer interface (API), tournament culling feature, live leaderboards, more detailed weather information, lunar tables, and an online community that will help create a true social fishing experience.

ConnectScale Bluetooth® Smart Digital Scale is available for sale in the United States and Canada and can purchased at ConnectScale’s online store for $99.99. The mobile app is free to download on iTunes and Google Play app stores.

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Founded in 2015, ConnectScale, LLC is a Tennessee-based, fishing analytics and product development firm dedicated to providing tools for recreational and tournament anglers to make fishing experiences more efficient and enjoyable. To find out more about ConnectScale, visit their website, Facebook page, or email