A.O.Y. Update – Online State Challenge


Angler Of The Year Points

The A.O.Y. will receive the 2018 Kayak bass Fishing National Championship qualifying spot, and a cash prize based on the number participants.

A.O.Y. will be given to Competitor with the most points, in the defined amount of tournaments (THAT NUMBER IS STILL THE TOTAL NUMBER OF TOURNAMENTS MINUS 3. THE COMPETITORS 3 LOWEST SCORES WILL BE DROPPED)

After each tournament, Competitors will receive points for the A.O.Y. Leaderboard. First place will receive 100 points and every place after that, will receive -2 points from the place ranking above. Any and all anglers that did not submit any fish will receive -5 points from the last competitor that submitted fish.

1st place – 100 points
2nd place – 98 points
3rd place – 96 points
4th place – 94 points
And so on.

KBF National Championship Qualifying Slots — This depends on the size of the field for each State Challenge Series*

To be eligible to earn a qualifying slot for the 2018 KBF National Championship, one must be a KBF Member during 2017.
By November 30, KBF Partners will qualify five KBF Members within their organization who became KBF Members no later than July 31, 2017.

Winning a “Qualifying Slot” means that the Competitor is now eligible to fish in the KBF NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP See Entry Fee Waiver for Multiple Qualifications.

Challenge results will be visible on TourneyX.

*The top 5 states with the most competitors throughout the year will receive a KBF NC qualifying spot. States with less than 15 total competitors in the whole series will not receive a KBF NC qualifying spot.

**Tie will be broken by highest score, and if they are all the same, it will be broken by the angler who put up the highest score first.

Here are the A.O.Y. standings through September. You will be able to use the links provided to view the updated A.O.Y. throughout the season. They will be updated shortly after each event.

Virginia State Challenge

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North Carolina State Challenge

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Tennessee State Challenge

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South Carolina State Challenge

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