2016 Virginia Kayak Bass Challenge

Virginia Kayak Bass Challenge

Events: Virginia Kayak Bass Challenge
Registration: Registration for the in-person events is always the day of the tournament and will start at 6:00AM. The online events you can register anytime before 9pm, the day before the tournament starts.

Click here to register for online events-

AUGUST 1st 12:00AM – AUGUST. 31st 11:59 PM
$20 Entry Smallmouth ONLY Tournament SEPTEMBER 1st 12:00AM – SEPT. 19th 11:59 PM
$20 Bullseye Tournament SEPTEMBER 1st 12:00AM – SEPT. 19th 11:59 PM

Virginia Kayak Bass Challenge – RULES and INFORMATION

– Contact Casey Reed @ casey.d.reed@gmail.com if you have any more specific questions.

Updated 4/26/16 TheBassCast.com KayakTournaments.com

Participation and Eligibility
The tournaments are open to all Virginia anglers.

Liability Release and License Requirements
1. All participants must sign a liability release before the start of each event.
2. All participants under the age of 18 must provide a liability release before the start of the event signed by a parent or guardian who is present.
3. All participants must have a valid fishing license, and follow their State rules and regulations
4. Must have a valid VIRGINIA fishing license

Tournament Director Participation
The Tournament Director has the ability to fish any of these tournaments. The TD will fall under the same rules as everyone else. The TD will have his fish verified by a random participant(s) at each event. If anyone requests to see the TD’s submitted fish, the TD must submit to this request. If anyone has any issues with the TD fishing an event, please announce your concerns of this at your time of registration and at the captains meeting, or for any online events, send an email voicing your concerns. The TD still has the ability to fish, but can consider backing out if there is anglers that have a concern.

Entry Fee and Payment, and Registration Instructions
Login, go to “Dashboard”, and then click on the “Register for tournament” box. Select the KayakTournament.com VA tournament for the correct month, in the drop down box. Check the checkbox next Tournament Fees, and the Big bass fee if you wish, and also next to the Tournament Rules and TourneyX terms. Click Register. Now click Proceed to Checkout. It will bring up the PayPal webpage. Login to your PayPal and send the money.

Live, in person events —
Registration will be held from 6-6:30AM, the morning at the event location.
$25 Entry Fee
$5 Big Bass Fee (Optional)
$30 Entry Fee
$10 Big Bass Fee Optional
$30 Entry Fee
$10 Big Bass Fee (Optional)

Eligible Watercraft
Only human powered watercraft will be allowed. Accommodations can be made for special needs anglers on a case to case basis, and are at the discretion of the tournament director.
Launch Point
Anywhere you can legally fish with a Virginia fishing license.

Live, in person events —
Only in waters specified at the captain’s meeting.

Safety Regulations
1. PFD must be worn at all times while on the water. Violators will be immediately disqualified.
2. No alcohol, illegal substances, or non-prescribed drugs may be used at any time while participating at any event. This starts from Captain’s Meeting until the time awards are awarded.
3. Any participant found to be under the influence within reasonable suspicion will be disqualified, moneys non-refunded, and receive a score of 0. Any pictures submitted with alcohol or drugs anywhere in the image will result in disqualification.

General Rules
1. All participants must pay the entry fee prior to fishing.
2. All participants will have to complete a SIGNED waiver prior to fishing.
3. The indicator card and indicator code will be release via TourneyX.com and email for the Online events and will be handed out at the captain’s meeting for the in person events. The code must be written on the indicator card.
4. No fish will be kept. All fish must be immediately released unharmed after a picture is taken.
5. Any one fish can only be submitted once. (It’s recommended that you take a picture of the sky after taking a photo of a fish especially if you’re taking multiple photos) (Even if you catch the same fish twice, on the same day or even a different day)
6. You must CPR (Catch, Picture, Release) the fish while in the kayak. (No wading/bank fishing)
7. Live events, registration will be from 6:00am till 6:30am. Captain’s meeting will start at 6:30am and will launch at safe light, whichever is first.

Fishing Methods
1. Rod and Reel and Fly Rods are the only acceptable devices.
2. Only artificial baits/lures/flies permitted.
3. No live, or dead bait may be used at any time.

Measuring Device
1. The only approved measuring device is the Hawg Trough.
2. Markings on Hawg Trough must be easily visible. If markings cannot be clearly read the fish will not count. If need be please use a permanent marker to go over lines to make visible.

Qualifying Fish
1. Any Black Bass
2. Any combination of the species mentioned above will be counted toward your total.

Photo Criteria
1. Photo must include the entire fish
2. Fish must face the left.
3. Mouth must be closed within reason. (Tournament Director’s decision)
4. Dorsal fin must be facing upward
5. Tail may be pinched (per VDGIF guidelines for certifying trophy fish) (You may pinch the tail or leave it natural.)
6. The tail of the fish must be lying flat on the board.
7. Fish must be visibly unharmed
8. Markings on the measuring device must visible and legible.
9. Photos must be taken from directly above the fish, not at an angle.
10. Any fish measured with an OPEN mouth are subject to a deduction in length
a. Any fish submitted with mouth open can be deducted anywhere from .25 inches, to 1.5 inches, depending on how wide the mouth is open and the size of the fish.
11. If there is a significant obstruction to the fish then a penalty could be imposed.
12. The mouth has to be visible touching the bump on the board, and not obstructed by anything
13. Assigned Identifier Card and code must be visible. (For ONLINE events, contact Tournament Director if you have issues printing the identifier)
14. Do not place the identifier on top of the fish.
15. Photos for the online events will be submitted using TourneyX.com’s live scoring system. (If you have any issues please let me know immediately so I can work on getting them fixed.)
16. Photos will be submitted via memory card (SD, or MircoSD), or phone (You must supply a cable) at the live events.

Check In and Scoring
1. Each angler will be provided a unique identifier. This identifier must be fully visible and legible in the photo.
2. Your 5 LONGEST (for ONLINE TOURNAMENTS) and 3 LONGEST (for LIVE TOURNAMENTS) verified lengths will be your total score. Fish will be measured to the nearest ¼” and there will be no rounding up, only down.
3. The tail must be clearly touching the line for it to count. If it is unclear that it actually is touching the line, score will be rounded down.
4. The angler with the highest total score will be declared the winner. (See “Ties”)
5. For picture/fish to count; full length of fish, Hawg Trough, and tournament identifier must be in picture.
6. Online events will be using TourneyX.com, a live scoring system where you will submit your photos. If you have a problem with using this system contact the tournament director and they can possibly work out another method.
7. Submit your pictures A.S.A.P. after taking them. (ONLINE EVENTS)
8. In person events you will have to submit your pictures after the event.
9. Please submit clear visible pictures. Any picture that is unreadable will be discarded (Be aware of the sun light or lack thereof, can cause glare issues or darkness in the picture)
10. Check-in begins at 3:30 PM for tournaments on lakes, 4:00 for river tournament.
11. For online events, submissions will be closed 11:59 pm the day the tournament ends.
12. If you’re not in line for submissions by 3:30pm (4:00pm for river tournaments), you will be penalized 6 inches, and disqualified if more than 10 minutes late.
13. Late submissions for online events will not be accepted for online events.

1. Angler’s photos will be judged by the tournament director.
a. Photos that do not meet requirements will not be counted.
b. The tournament organizer and staff will be solely responsible and retain the right to declare any photos unacceptable.
c. After prizes are awarded the tournament is declared complete and all results are final.

Rules, Interpretation, and Protests
1. All rules are decided and interpreted by the Tournament Director.
2. Any broken rules can lead to deduction on total length or disqualification.
2. The Tournament Director has the final decision.
3. Any protests shall be immediately directed to the Tournament Director.
4. Once the award ceremony begins all results are official and final even in the event of an error.

In the event of a tie, the tie will be broken by the following format
1. Biggest Fish
2. 2nd Biggest Fish
3. 3rd Biggest Fish
4. 4th Biggest Fish
5. 5th Biggest Fish
6. Payout for the tied positions will be combined and split evenly.
7. Exact tie for big fish, 2nd biggest fish will determine winner. Top two fish from anglers are still a tie, the payout will be split evenly and paid out to the tied spots.

In person events payout 80%
Online events payout 70% (20% goes towards expenses)
$4 of each entry will be put towards the CLASSIC

Tournament will pay out 3 spots for 14 or more anglers. Less than 14 anglers, and only two spots will be paid. Less than 5 angler’s only one spot will be paid.

14+ anglers 5-13 angler’s 1-4 anglers
1st place – 50% 1st place – 60% 1st place – 100%
2nd place – 30% 2nd place – 40%
3rd place – 20%

100% of Entry fees will be paid out, PLUS the money collected from previous events.
14+ anglers 5-13 angler’s 1-4 anglers
1st place – 50% 1st place – 60% 1st place – 100%
2nd place – 30% 2nd place – 40%
3rd place – 20%

Big fish pays out 100%

1st place – 100 points
2nd place – 98 points
3rd place – 96 points
4th place – 94 points
5th place – 92 points
6th place – 90 points
7th place – 88 points
8th place – 86 points
9th place – 84 points
10th place – 82 points
And so on……

1. Anyone that does not turn in any fish will receive 10 points less than the last place that turns in any fish.
2. Any tournament you do not fish you will receive 0 points.
3. Your lowest point tournament will be removed from your total.
4. You must fish at least 4 tournaments (including the online tournaments) to qualify to fish the classic.
5. The point’s leader going into the classic will receive a comped entry for the classic.
6. If the point’s leader cannot make it to the classic, the runner up will receive the comped entry. (and so on)

1. Inclement Weather: The Tournament Director may delay, reschedule, or cancel a tournament.
2. If cancelled or rescheduled participants have the choice to be refunded, or have their fee applied to a future scheduled event.
3. There will be no refunds for no-shows regardless of reason.

Photo/Press Release
Participants grant, KayakTournaments.com and TheBassCast.com and all sponsors rights to use their photos, name, voice, biographical information in any promotion, production, articles, or press releases without entitlement to royalties or compensation in connection with such use.
The Tournament Director can change the rules at any time before the start of the event, and has final say about any issues or conflicts.
Any questions about the rules, contact the tournament director immediately.

Virginia Kayak Bass Challenge

Virginia Kayak Bass Challenge


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