2015 Kayak Angler’s Choice Awards Winners


2015 Kayak Angler's Choice Awards Winners

The guys over at YakAngler.com have got the votes all counted up and have just released the results!

2015 Kayak Angler’s Choice Awards Winners

Angler of the year

  1. Christina Weber
  2. Robert Field
  3. Rob Choi

Kayak of the Year

  1. Wilderness Systems "A.T.A.K"
  2. Jackson Kayak "Coosa HD"
  3. Hobie "Pro Angler 14"

Product of the Year

  1. Manley Rods "Kayak Series" Fishing Rod
  2. YakAttack "LeverLoc Anchor Trolley"
  3. Line Cutterz "Line Cutterz Ring"

Paddle of the Year

  1. Bending Branches "Angler Pro"
  2. Werner Paddles "Shuna Hooked"
  3. Adventure Technology "Oracle Angler"

Magazine of the Year

  1. Kayak Angler Magazine
  2. Kayak Fish Mag
  3. Extreme Kayak Fishing Magazine

Location of the Year

  1. Everglades National Park, FL
  2. Susquehanna River, US
  3. Lake Fork, TX

Retailer of the Year

  1. Austin Canoe and Kayak – TX
  2. HOOK1 – TN
  3. The Kayak Fishing Store – NJ

Blog of the Year

  1. Angling Addict by Rob Choi
  2. Kayak Fishing Blog by Chris Payne
  3. ACK Blog by Austin Kayak

Online Video of the Year

  1. Kayak Fishing: Mahi Mahi & Sailfish in Florida by Robert Field
  2. Hooked On Wild Waters – Episode 1 by Drew Gregory
  3. Nothing But Love by Rob Choi

Photo of the Year

  1. Kayak Angler in the Mist by Aaron Dryden
  2. Christina Webers Sailfish Photo by Christina Weber
  3. Landing a Dinosaur by Robert Field

Forum of the Year

  1. Kayak Anglers For A Cause – TN
  2. Space Coast Kayak Anglers – FL
  3. New England Kayak Fishing – NE